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International Systems Inc. has been developing REAL-TIME production control systems since 1982 for the textile, footwear and other industries.

Our focus has always been to provide creative and practical solutions that can improve efficiencies, increase production and establish modern and effective control for all plant functions, while increasing business profits!

The main modules of the system are:

  1. Daily goal planning to determine hourly production based on available minutes and selected orders with their respective priorities.
  2. Balancing machines available
    Instant analysis of raw material indicating missing fabric and supplies.
  3. Electronic Board or Boards for each line or group or determined control point.
  4. REAL-TIME analysis that indicates at the beginning of the day the operators with efficiency problems and the potential to recover possible losses each day.
  5. Preparation of daily and weekly efficiency and profit reports with the option of transferring to PAYROLL in a few minutes.

Request information on all the modules of the system to compare with the current system or competitors.

The main characteristics of our system are the following:

  • The complete system is installed in less than 3 days at no cost in our office. We only require that you send us the new orders and corresponding styles with the times in SAM in a predetermined Excel document. Of course, through the Internet you can see all the reports that the system prepares and manage the system as well.
  • Once they verify the advantages and economic justification, they can rent it weekly for a modest cost or invest in the system.

Briefly, any similar system takes weeks and more to install and train the user.

We want to demonstrate that with the experience gained since 1982 serving the industry, we can do this in less than 3 days.

We invite the General Manager and the Directors of Production, Finance and more to allow us the opportunity to make this proposal a reality that only offers benefits and benefits without any obligation.

Please send us an email to clarify any details that are necessary.

International Systems, Inc.

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International Systems, Inc.
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Let’s be more competitive!!!!

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